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Aroma Elixir by Priti Gondalia

Courses Offered

Aroma elixir institute offers training and Courses in Advanced Skin therapies, Micro-blading, Pigment Implant/ Permanent Makeup, Advanced Skin peeling & organic skin peels course, Hair weaving, Hair bonding, Hair extensions, Organic Aroma cosmetics making, Coemetic Science, Dermarollers, Laser treatments, Mesotherapy , Non surgical facelift, Microdermabrasion, Thermolysis, Warts - Tag removal, Earlobe Repairs Without Stitches. & Many more...

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Aroma Elixir is a training institute registered under trademark registration law. Aroma Elixir Institute of Aesthetics, Aromatherapy & Cosmetology is under registration act, provides training in the field of Beauty, Hair, Aesthetics, Aromatherapy & Cosmetology.
Ms. Priti Gondalia is a certified Skin & Hair Therapist, Aroma Therapist, Reflexologist, Cosmetologist, Hair Weaving Specialist. She is certified from International recognised EMERALDE institute of cosmetology & post graduate diploma in clinical cosmetology from ILAMED-Germany affiliated institute.



64, Emmanuel Apts., 16/B,
Proctor Road, Grant Road (E),
Mumbai - 400 007.

B-45, Ganesh Prasad, 10,
N.B. Marg, Grant Road (W),
Mumbai - 400 007.